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Maps of West Tampa - 1892, 1893 & 1901

The following is the original Map of West Tampa as presented with 10 blocks in December, 1892. (Boundaries: Laurel Street by the north, Spruce Street in the south, Ysmael Avenue east, and Gaspar Avenue by the west). Later in 1893 a largest parcel for development was added with 55 blocks incluiding major roads among them Armina (Arminia) and Howard Avenue (see map below).

Note: In lot 7 parcel 1, was the location of the Del Pino Cigar Co. (today corner of Howard Avenue and Union Street). Later in parcel 5, lots 17 and 18, Ysolina Street and Main Street was located the West Tampa City Hall.



Map #1 shows West Tampa (1893-94) with the addition of more parcels for development. Now the new boundaries are; Michigan (Columbus) Drive in the north, Gray Street in the south, North Boulevard in the east, and Habana Avenue in the west. Also you can see the different land owners at the time aside of Mr. McFarlane, such as Benjamin, Drew, Clewis, Collins, and Bouton.


Map #2 shows the addition of many parcels of land to the north of the original plan of the City of West Tampa in 1901, now expanding north of Michigan (Columbus) Drive to Tampa Bay Boulevard, east to Albany Avenue, and west to Linclon Avenue. With this the city expand 80 more blocks for development to the north. Much of the land in this map was part of Mr. J.H. Drew, property(78 parcels), and only 2 parcels to Mitchell & Shepherd Co. (After he relocate to Hillsborough County Mr. John H. Drew puchased hundreds of acres of raw land from the Bolesta family, early settlers of Central Florida, and was consider one of the largest land owners of the Bay Area).

Reference: Tampa Tribune Archives, University of South Florida Archives, Tobacco Journal, Hillsborough County Public Records.-Tampa Records Archives -"Cuidad Cigars" by Armando Mendez - Resercher: W. Reyes, Ph.D.


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